Awards and acknowledgements to the Archives of Serbia


December 1975, Belgrade

“Order of Merits for the People with Golden Star” was awarded to the Archives of Serbia by the decree of Josip Broz Tito, President of the Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia “on the occasion of 75 th anniversary of activities for distinctive contribution to the organization and modernization of the archival service”. The Order was established in 1945 by the State Anti-fascist Council of the National Liberation of Yugoslavia “for distinctive merits in the construction of socialism and socialist self-governing rule, and for organization and strengthening of defense, security and independence of the country and merits in the fields of economy, science and culture”.


1990, Belgrade

“The Golden Link” was awarded to the Archives of Serbia “for the skills demonstrated in gathering and connecting associates in achieving new goals which, as regards some features, high degree of exceptional performance, expert and public assessment, determine good deeds
and show new ways of work and significantly improve art and culture of the city of Belgrade”. “The Golden Link” has been awarded since 1970 by the Cultural and Educational Community of Belgrade for permanent contribution to the culture of Belgrade.

December 28 th , 1990 Belgrade

“The Golden Archives” of the Aleksandar Arnautović Foundation was awarded to the Archives of Serbia for the immense contribution to the preservation of the valuable Serbian heritage. Two |Golden Archives| are awarded every year by the Aleksandar Arnautović Foundation to a
renowned individual and institution respectfully in the field of archival activity. The Foundation was established by Margerita and Anđica Arnautović, daughters of Aleksandar Arnautović, former Head of the State Archives.


1999, Belgrade

“Vuk Stefanović Karadžić Award” was assigned to the Archives of Serbia “for the exceptional contribution to the development of culture in the Republic of Serbia and the Serbian cultural space”. This award was established in 1964 by the Cultural and Educational Community of Serbia and ever since has been granted to distinguished individuals and institutions.


October 31 st , 2009, Trieste

“Charter” of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Trieste was awarded to the Archives of Serbia as an appreciation for sorting and arrangement of the archival material performed at the storage area in the Church, for the affirmation of the Serbian culture in Trieste and “for the expressed love, effort and help to the Serbian Orthodox Church and "Temple of Very Holy Trinity and Saint Spyridion Thaumaturge" in Trieste.


February 15 th , 2014, Belgrade

“Order of Sretenje of the Second Class” was awarded to the Archives of Serbia “for distinctive merits in preservation of cultural and historical heritage of Serbia, on the occasion of 115 th anniversary of successful work”. Order of Sretenje was established in 2009 by the Law on
Decorations of the Republic of Serbia for distinctive merits in the field of public services, economy, industry, culture and education.


February 20 th , 2014, Belgrade

“Saint Sava Order of the First Class” was awarded to the Archives of Serbia “for expert engagement in the preservation, arrangement and cataloguing of the archival material of the Serbian orthodox church in the country and abroad”. This order was established in 1883 by the Decree of the King of the Kingdom of Serbia, Milan and was awarded for the merits in the field of culture, education, science, public services and the Church, and also for the merits to the King, State and the people, civil and military individuals. Since 1986 the Serbian Orthodox Church awards this order for the merits in the spiritual, educational and humanitarian activities.